22 Aug 2011, 7:23PM

So one of the things I'm loving about the new job is not having to wear a suit any more. Aside from no more ironing and comfortable clothes during the day I also have the added benefit that I can now run again in my work clothes :)

Sounds strange but the suit just doesn't like running. Being in sneakers and jeans is much easier. You're probably wondering what I'm on about but I get a good portion of my exercise from micro runs, e.g. jogging to the bus stop, jogging from the bus stop home. It can add up to 10-15 mins jogging a day or an hour or twos a week depending on how much I do. Definitely worth while. Not only do you get some sneaky exercise in but you also save time (e.g. jogging home is faster than walking).

As a general principle this is a great idea. Get exercise where ever you can in-between your normal daily routine. I used to walk up the steps to work (8 floors) instead of taking the lift. The gluteus maximus was looking fit! I'm taking the lift at the new job but only because I haven't worked out where the stairs are yet! (I'll get round to it). I have weights lying in the lounge, 10kg dumb-bells. I can pick them up between adds and do 20 reps every once and a while and then there's Ellie lifting. Holding her in one arm is 13-14 kg weight training, including balance muscles as she wriggles around. All the little things add up and take up no time from your daily schedule. Otherwise its hard to find time to exercise properly.

I think I've run maybe 5 times this year (maybe 25km). I'd bet I've done further than that running to/from buses.

Time for dinner I think.