On call

18 Aug 2011, 9:38PM

So I'm now officially on call. I started work about a month ago and joined a team of one other developer (technically it became a team once I joined). He's now done a runner to Portugal for his brother's wedding (don't worry, he'll be back) and I've taken up his on-call duties (among other things) while he's away.

So first day on Lone Ranger duties was today. We also launched a new region on the website with an associated mail out. It was all automatic so didn't really require any action from me. None-the-less I got a call 10 mins from work that a minor feature was broken which I had to fix. For the day I got about 10 support queries and one page which I had to deal with. It went pretty well really but was distracting for the work I was meant to have done.

So on-call is ok, I'm just hoping two things,

1) that I don't get (m)any pages which asleep (I'm like Windows, I take a few minutes to boot up and be fully operational)


2) none of the pages are critical, e.g. site down, fix it now sucker...

On a separate note, firewood is running low. Either average temperatures need to rise above 15 degrees (at night) or we need more firewood.