18 Aug 2011, 9:30PM

This last week has been awesome. Its been pretty cold for Welly but the most snow I've ever seen here. In fact it snowed on 3 consecutive days, each day more than I've seen on any other day. Awesome! I love snow. It used to snow a couple of times a year in Alexandra (and then Dunedin) and I miss it.

Sunday night we got almost an inch of snow. Karori is a little higher up than central Wellington so we got a little more snow. It hung around for the next day but had melted enough on the roads to get out. Monday kept snowing on and off. Snow down to sea level. Heading home it was snowing/sleeting. The road was covered in snow/hail and their was some wicked thunder and lightning. My bus didn't turn up for 25 mins so I caught the Mairangi one and got off before the Karori tunnel. Luckily some random pulled over and offered me a ride home, telling me that the Karori buses were running 20 mins late. They infact stopped altogether after 7pm.

I walked the last bit home. I was running and skidding along the footpath (my shoes were soaked by the time I got home) and more show was building up. The next morning there was an inch of snow and a good amount of ice. I spent 30 mins clearing the drive then eventually decided Bonnie would stay home with Ellie (we drop here off up a big shaded hill so likely very icy) and I'd walk to the bus stop. Our road was half iced over but a lot of people had driven it already and it would have melted in an hour or two. The main roads were good with lots of traffic.

Again that night it was snowing again and I headed home a little earlier this time. It was not as thick as the night before but still pretty cold. It hovered around 3 degrees over night tho so didn't freeze up and was mostly melted by the next morning.

So all in all a very good dumping of snow. I took Ellie out in it for her first experience with snow and she built a snow man at day care. She calls it 'no rather than snow and now she keeps mentioning 'no men.

So very cool. Wellington is too warm for snow to last long. Queenstown on the other hand looks like it has a massive dumping. Wish I was on holiday down there now :)